I recently found this Post on the excellent All Music Site.
It gives a much more comprehensive discography than my dusty records.
Check it out: All Music

Boss of Me / David Bowie
I’ll take you there / David Bowie
Never Wear White / Suzanne Vega
Don’t Uncork / Suzanne Vega
Jacob and the Angel / Suzanne Vega
Song of the Stoic / Suzanne Vega
Horizon / Suzanne Vega

Suzanne Vega “Tales from the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles”
Ari Hest “Fire Plays”
Mortimer “10 good years”
Czechomor “Mistecko”
Donna Lewis “In the Pink”
Hinterland “Kissing the roof of Heaven”
Pamela Sue Mann for Sony music
Johnatha Brooke for PRA management
Tess Wiley for Effanell music
Bowsie Solo project with Susan McKeown

Musical Director:
David Bowie
Suzanne Vega
Rufus Wainwright
Duncan Sheik

Spookyghost Solo Records:
GERRY LEONARD / S P O O K Y G H O S T  Official Bootleg
GERRY LEONARD / S P O O K Y G H O S T  Light Machine
GERRY LEONARD / S P O O K Y G H O S T  Spooky Ghost

Suzanne Vega “Tales from the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles”
David Bowie “The Next Day”  Iso/Columbia
Suzanne Vega “Beauty and Crime” Blue Note
Rufus Wainwright “Release the Stars” Dreamworks
Rufus Wainwright “Want Two” Dreamworks
David Bowie “Reality” Iso/Columbia
Rufus Wainwright “Want one” Dreamworks
Avril Lavigne “Let Go”
Duncan Sheik “Daylight” Atlantic
David Bowie “Heathen” Iso/Columbia
Nina Nastasia “Run to Ruin” Socialist
Nina Nastasia “The Blackened Air” Socialist
Suzanne Vega “Songs in Red and Grey” Interscope
Brian Kennedy “Get on with your short life” Sony
Jeffery Gaines “Always Be” Artimus
Roger Glover “Snapshot” Eagle Records
David Bowie “Toy”
Nina Nastasia “Dogs” Socialist
Holly Cole
Kristen Hoffman
Vannessa Carlton
Susan Mc Keown
Duncan Sheik “Phantom Moon” Nonsuch
Jonatha Brooke “Live” Bad dog records
Pamelasue Mann “Pamela sue Mann”
Duncan Shiek “Humming” Atlantic Records
Gerry Leonard “Spooky Ghost” Solo Album
Donna Lewis “Blue Planet” Atlantic Records
Sophie B Hawkins (Timbre) Sony Music
Johnatha Brooke “10 cent Wings” MCA Records
Chris Botti “Midnight without you” Verve/Polygram
Paula Cole “This fire” Warner Brothers
Donna Lewis “Now in a minute” Atlantic Records
Laurie Anderson “Bright Red” Warner Brothers
Paula Cole “Harbinger” Warner Brothers
Hinterland “Kissing the roof of Heaven” Island records

“Deep End ” Music by Peter Nashel
“Limp” 1998 Independant Winner Dublin film festival
“Criss cross” (1992) music by Trevor Jones
“Commitments” (1991)
“Come To” (1998) Composition of short film’s original sound track

“12 th Night” Shakespere in the park NYC / additional music
Live work:
David Bowie (USA Europe)
Suzanne Vega ( USA Europe)
Duncan Shiek (USA Europe Japan South America)
Johnatha Brooke
Cyndi Lauper (USA Europe Japan)
Donna Lewis
Paula Cole
Vonda Shepard
Laurie Anderson
Chris Botti
Spooky Ghost Solo Project