Spooky Ghost Setup Tips

Setup Tips from Spooky Ghost

1. Wha Wha. Dunlop Crybaby.
Use wha both as a regular wha for rhythm or lead stuff, but also in a fixed position for filtered tones (try back or halfway.)

2. Comp. Boss CS 2 • T.C. • EHX Blackfinger.
Especially good for clean sounds. Adds richness to tone, brings out the ‘best’ in your gtr. Leave off for distorted/rock sounds.

3. O/d 1. Boss Super Overdrive.
This pedal gives the gtr good focus for solos or ‘bell like’ parts. Notice how it ‘thins’ the gtr in the bass end. Good fo cutting through the band. Use also in combination with O/d 2 for more saturated ‘singing’ tones.

4. O/d 2. Ibanez Tube Screamer.
This pedal is good for thicker rock sounds. It has nice bottom end and is more ‘furry’ sounding. Good for textures and ‘blending’ with the band. Use in combination with O/d 1 for more intense ‘mish-mosh.’

5. Tremolo. Boss (many other good ones available)
Trem can be squarewave or sine wave for smoother, sweeter tradtional type vibes. Trem adds nice contrast to straight sounds adding space to arrangements.

6. Volume. Boss FV50 (many others available).
Use vol pedal not only to control overall volume, but to swell into delay pedal to get ambient soundscape effects. Try swells with comp on or O/d fx on for more texture.

7. Tuner. Boss Tu12 (many others available)
Run tuner out of volume pedal tuner out. This way you can tune silently in between songs (vol pedal down).

8. Vib. EHX-Worm. Lovetone-Doppleganger
Use Vib. for watery/sparkley sounds, great on arppegiatted chords. Any box that creates a rotating speaker simulation is good but beware, thick chordsey distorted sounds are naff. Alway have been, always will be. Don’t be naff!

9. Delay. Line 6 DL4. EHX Delux Memory Man.
Use delay to exaggerate space. More analog sounding delays are warmer and vibe-yer. See example settings. On a unit like the Line 6 DL4, setup a short /medium delay, long trailing delay and a radical special effect (backwards or ‘reverse’ gtr).

On a single manual delay like EHX Memory Man, remember settings and change on the fly or between songs. Get down on the floor and know thy delay settings.

10. Amps. Mesa Boogie Nomad is a fine example.
Tube amp is best. Switch between clean or distorted channels. If you only have one option keep it pretty clean and use the pedals for distortion. This will give you more control/combinations.

Fender Princeton Reverb. Old ones are best. Nice little amp.

Lots of other great amps available. If it doesn’t sound good to you when you try it, it’s not going to sound good when you buy it!

3 Responses to Spooky Ghost Setup Tips

  1. Hi there i am kavin, its my first occasion to commenting anyplace, when i read
    this post i thought i could also create comment due to this sensible

  2. Where is your acoustic simulator and your reverb for your spacey echo, glassy sound? Is it amp or is it delay?

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