List of gear i have in rotation:

Fender Princeton
Fender champ
Ampeg V5
Somatome Roaring 40
Ugly Amps
Mesa Boogie Lonestar
Mesa Boogie TA 15
Mesa BoogieDual Rectifier Solo Head
Mesa Boogie Nomad 100 Head-Medium
Mesa Boogie Nomad 45 1×12 Compact Combo
Mesa Boogie 2X12 Rectifier Cab-Horizontal
Coming soon.
Dean Markley NickelSteel Electric LTHB and MTHB
Dean Markley Vintage Bronze Acoustic 
Coming soon.


8 Responses to Equipment

  1. Carlos sousa says:

    Which pickups do you have in your white PRS Hollowbody?

  2. Johan says:

    Gerry, I know you used the boss me70/80, doy ou have any recommendations how to make sustain from bowies’ heroes?

  3. Gösta Blomqvist says:

    Hello Gerry,
    I’m a big fan of your guitar playing.
    Which pedals did you use to get the The stars are out intro sound?
    Best regards Gösta

  4. David Chase Lopes says:

    Dear Gerry, Hello. I saw you play live in Paris in January 2020 with the Bowie Alumni tour. I was transfixed by your guitar playing. Since, I have been thinking about my own guitar sound, what I want to create and what tools I want to apply. Listening to spooky ghost Viral Times, vol 1 right now. Beautiful music!

  5. Abel says:

    hola , que modelo de Korg KAOSSILATOR usas? gracias

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