List of gear i have in rotation:

Fender Princeton
Fender champ
Ampeg V5
Somatome Roaring 40
Ugly Amps
Mesa Boogie Lonestar
Mesa Boogie TA 15
Mesa BoogieDual Rectifier Solo Head
Mesa Boogie Nomad 100 Head-Medium
Mesa Boogie Nomad 45 1×12 Compact Combo
Mesa Boogie 2X12 Rectifier Cab-Horizontal
Coming soon.
Dean Markley NickelSteel Electric LTHB and MTHB
Dean Markley Vintage Bronze Acoustic 
Coming soon.


10 Responses to Equipment

  1. Carlos sousa says:

    Which pickups do you have in your white PRS Hollowbody?

  2. Johan says:

    Gerry, I know you used the boss me70/80, doy ou have any recommendations how to make sustain from bowies’ heroes?

  3. Gösta Blomqvist says:

    Hello Gerry,
    I’m a big fan of your guitar playing.
    Which pedals did you use to get the The stars are out intro sound?
    Best regards Gösta

  4. David Chase Lopes says:

    Dear Gerry, Hello. I saw you play live in Paris in January 2020 with the Bowie Alumni tour. I was transfixed by your guitar playing. Since, I have been thinking about my own guitar sound, what I want to create and what tools I want to apply. Listening to spooky ghost Viral Times, vol 1 right now. Beautiful music!

  5. Abel says:

    hola , que modelo de Korg KAOSSILATOR usas? gracias

  6. Lucas Kaiser says:

    Hello Gerry,

    may I ask you a question?

    Which FX (company, model) do you use to get this phenomenal acoustic sound on your electric guitar on “Loving the Alien” (acoustic version with David Bowie)?

    The sound is just to melt away and so does what you make of this song.

    Regards, Lucas

    • Hi Lucas, it’s just the amazing sound from the ePRS hollow body
      What you are hearing is the acoustic pickup into a DI and the electric with a small amount of delay … it’s a great guitar

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