New Guitar Rig

Home now recording some cool guitars for a bunch of new Suzanne Vega songs.
Really loving this new guitar setup I picked up on our recent Suzanne tour of America.
Funny how the pieces all clicked together when I got home.

The guitar is a parts Telecaster that I got in Pittsburg Guitars.
A local guy there build them from scratch and you can feel the love that goes into it.
It really looks and feels like a vintage guitar, but without the price tag. ( under $600 )
The guys in that shop are really helpful and did a set up for me before I left. Very good vibe.
It seem like the local police men all hang out there too! Or maybe they were the music police …
The thought made me nervous because I have several unpaid tickets in that department ,but I ended up on first name terms and they let me go with a handshake.

The amp is a fantastic creation of a local tech at Richards Music in Lawrence Kansas.
It is based around a compactron tube used in color TV sets. Kind of GE’s response to integrated circuits, it’s a tube with a preamp , power amp and rectifier stages all in one. It just has on off and volume. Hard to go wrong. What could possibly …

The cab is a 1X10 courses of the fab people at Mesa Boogie. Sounds great and it’s light as a feather.

The Ribbon mic is from Potofone. My good friend Ed Potokar builds them when is not building other things, houses,telescopes, instruments …
A great great mic.


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1 Response to New Guitar Rig

  1. Doug Oster says:

    That’s very cool, love Pittsburgh Guitars. I’m going to have to check out those partscasters! Nice rig.

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