Irish Triple Crown

Hey All,

Just wanted to catch up on all the comings and goings lately.

I just returned from the homeland and had a very excellent trip.

On Saturday night I was an invited guest on The Saturday Night show
with Brendan O’Conor. Here is a link. My bit starts at 35 mins into the show.

On Sunday I did a two hour workshop out in X Music. This is one of the big music stores supporting the Dublin community. Long live the local music store. We had 100 people and a very nice workshop. I talked alot about working as a musician in New York and playing with some greats like David Bowie, Suzanne Vega, Rufus Wainwright and Duncan Sheik.
Great crowd and we gave away a poster from the Bowie V&A art show and a Roland Space Echo pedal.

Then on Monday I was a guest on the John Murray radio show on RTE radio one. We had a fun time and I was on for about 45 minutes. They had me pick five songs from my iPod. I chose songs that influenced me on my way up and we brought the Guitar into the Studio also so I could play examples of these influences. Here is a link when you have some time to kill.

I am now sitting in a dressing room with Stevie Wonder and Jerry Seinfeld doing a charity event with Suzanne Vega.

Gotta love New York City.

All the best

Your humble Ghost

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