Punk 4 the Homeless

Here is a great charity driven by Fred Shortland of Casa Alianza.

Earlier this year, Fred asked me to contribute a song from Spookyghost and a quote.

Seems as though they are ready to launch now on Dec 14 th.

Its a great cause and I am sure a fun CD.

4 volumes of Punk Rock ! And a song by Spookyghost !


Welcome to the Punk 4 The Homeless Compilation!

Punk Rock is another word for freedom….

Freedom to say what we want to say with whatever we got at hand to say it with, and the homeless need a voice on their side shouting to the rooftops. We can “Start Again”!

Spooky Ghost (Gerry Leonard contributor Start Again)

Since Punk 4 The Homeless was established we have had many great bands play shows for us up and down the United Kingdom and had a compilation released on Stoneage Records, Indonesia. We have stuck to our ideology that anyone can assist in our mission regardless of religion, sexuality, nationality, sex, creed, colour etc. but we will not tolerate prejudice. We have always been about unity not uniformity and a desire to help has always been the only qualification needed to get involved.

It’s been many more years since Sham 69 first sang “if the kids are united they will never be divided” so what we have here is people from many different countries, cultures and backgrounds helping kids, street kids who are much less fortunate than the rest of us.

Punk has always been difficult to define but basically Punk 4 The Homeless has always been of the view that if anyone wants to play a gig for us or donate a track and they are punk enough to do so we are punk enough to accept. So with the release of these massive compilations we maintain the same attitude. Many of the tracks the general public may well consider to be of the punk genre, a few they wouldn’t, but it’s all punk to us.

Most of us involved with Punk 4 The Homeless are no longer kids but we still have the attitude that we CAN change the world and we are determined to make a difference “be the change you want to see in the world” (Ghandi).

So we’ve got punk, ska punk, ska, folk punk, non punk, horror punk, etc…., all to help our friends Casa Alianza to help the kids. These bands come from all over the place, some names you will recognize some you won’t, here’s a handful from the compilations containing over 120 bands: Sex Presley’s, London, Grave Robber, Gerry Leonard, Spooky Ghost (also from David Bowies band), Skinwalkers, Zooparty (feat Glen Matlock from The Sex Pistols), Wonk Unit, Billy Karloff, Subculture, Leather Zoo, Drongos For Europe, The Nags, The Reverends, 2 Sick Monkeys, Shag Nasty, Freedom Faction plus loads more.

If there’s not something on here to offend someone for some reason then this probably isn’t punk rock.

All proceeds go to Casa Alianza UK Charity dedicated to the care and protection of street children for their Arts, Culture, Recreation and Sport Project which will benefit over 300 children a year.


Thank you for your support…… enjoy the music!

Eagle & Fred Shortland Casa Alianza

Punk For The Homeless Compilation
Punk 4 The Homeless have been helping street children for four years now by supporting the work of Casa Alianza. Obviously (although you wouldn’t know it if it was just left to the national press…) children, for the crime of being poor, are still being exterminated in their masses. However we have and still continue to make a small difference to some lives. That’s where you come in. We have this massive 4 volume compilation albumcoming out called “Doin it 4 the kids” on December 14th 2013 and are trying to recruit as many promoters to put a gig on around that time for us as possible, thereby not only plugging the albums but also waking people, the press etc… up to the atrocities inflicted on the most vulnerable people in our world. Thank you for your time, Eagle Spits / P4TH
For more information please contact Gary Eagling
EMAIL- garyeagling777@btinternet.com
Before 14th Dec 2013 you can PRE-ORDER the volumes 1-4 of the compilation by using the link below, you will be sent the download links on 14th Dec.

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  1. Colin Le Gresley says:

    Came to watch Suzanne Vega last night ( Monday 3rd ), Thought she was great….thought you were amazing, which is why I ended up on your site this morning. Time to download the album. Colin

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