Ghost back on the road with Suzanne Vega

Hi all you Ghostly ones,

I am now back out on the road with Suzanne Vega.

We hit the ground running with a show at Glastonbury.

Long shot 2

So nice to be part of that enormous music festival.

We played a closing set at the Acoustic Tent Sunday night.

welliesStage action 2 Ghost

Here is a “Fly on the wall” video of us finishing our set with “Toms Diner”

We are lucky to have the very talented Doug Yowell on drums and percussion  this run.

We are in the UK now and heading to Mainland Europe on Saturday starting in Portugal.

Find all the info about dates HERE at Suzanne’s web site.

More info to come I promise !

yours humbly



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1 Response to Ghost back on the road with Suzanne Vega

  1. Yuval says:

    Wish I could be there… 😦

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