How to play “I Never Wear White” by Suzanne Vega Re-Post

Hi there Folks,

As we tour around Europe again this summer with Suzanne promoting the new “Queen of Pentacles” record, I have been asked about the post for how to play “Never Wear White” from the album. It’s something I did very impromptu with my Tech Mark Dyde. So here it is again. This was filmed in a van last Feb so we are all wearing our winter coats !



So here we are again …

I was inspired the other night after a Suzanne Vega show in Germany, a guy came up to me at the signing and asked where he could find the chords to the new songs. Maybe he liked the songs or maybe he wanted to start his own band and beat us to the punch …

But either way it got me thinking about how to share the knowledge so I , along with Mark Dyde our super-tech started to improvise.

Suzanne had a radio promo date in Saarbrucken Germany that started out asking for two songs acoustically , then one song, then none …

So whilst sitting around in the van while Phil Sullivan, our tour manager and Suzanne were off in the radio station doing the radio interview, Mark and I got busy in the van and thru Marks ingenuity we shot this impromptu video on his iPhone 5. We added a fretboard shot from his fancy camera and Mark edited all together on his laptop.

By the way, you will see that Suzanne and Phil came back before we could finish, so Mark and I decided to do the last section outside the roadside cafe in France on the way to Paris for our next Radio date.

Well, it keeps us off the streets …and what could be safer

Hope you guys enjoy.

Got it ? I hope you rock it !


P.S. The Guitar is a Furch Acoustic model 34SR

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2 Responses to How to play “I Never Wear White” by Suzanne Vega Re-Post

  1. Colin Daly says:

    The guitar lesson was amazing. Any chance of some more.

  2. Brian Spurrell says:

    I’ve just discovered this song. Great guitar riffs. Just thought I would record my appreciation for your generous time.

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