Spookyghost Christmas sale ! Everything must go …

Greetings all you Spookyghost fans,

Well, Christmas is coming and the ghost is getting fat !

Well, trying not too actually… and we need to shed a few pounds, or at least a few CDS and Screwdrivers.

My online store is closing and moving so we have put the remaining inventory on sale.

CDs are now $8 and Spookyghost Screwdrivers are just $2




The CDs are all signed by Yours Ghostly and the screwdrivers are just the thing to get you out of about any jam you might get yourself into. Kind of Dr Who “sonic screwdriver” but without the sonic bit and more analogue ! It is inscribed with my motto which is

“If it ain’t broke, take it apart and see how it works”

Hope you come visit

The link is at the bottom or click on a picture to be whisked away to retail therapy.

And Happy Holidays !





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