Spookyghost “Loving The Alien” Live Video from Rockwood 3 Show

Hi Everyone,

One other thing I did at the May 6th Rockwood solo show was try out some live versions of “other people’s” songs for the upcoming London Show June 20th. I guess some people would call it a cover version.

This is first time I played this song solo, it’s the David Bowie song “Loving the Alien”.

David asked me to come up with a vocal and solo guitar version of  “Loving the Alien” for a Tibet House benefit gig back in 2002, and he liked it so much we used to do it every night on the “Reality Tour”. I feel a connection to this arrangement and dusted it off that night. I got most of the dust off I think and hope to get the rest off by June !

Hope you enjoy it !

Thanks for watching

The next show will be June 20th in London, England !!



Maybe see you there.




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1 Response to Spookyghost “Loving The Alien” Live Video from Rockwood 3 Show

  1. Herve Vuillermoz says:

    Hi Gerry wonderful interprétation. I heard you plat 3 times so far Smith Suzanne Vega. All in France and switzerland. Why don’t you come play there soon ? Hervé

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