Here is an interesting article about being a musician by my friend Sally …

How Your Love of Guitar Music Can Make You a Success

You’ve probably heard about the numerous studies that have linked classical music with increased achievement. However, not much is discussed about how other types of music influence success. What about people who enjoy a good guitar solo? Or what about those who prefer playing guitar instead of the cello or violin? Are they doomed to have a less successful life than their Beethoven obsessed peers?

Thankfully, the answer to that question is a firm ‘no.’ In fact, listening to and playing guitar specifically has been linked to a happy and achievement filled life. Want to learn more? Here are the top ways guitar music can lead to success.

Better Average SAT Scores

Can’t get enough of your favorite rock music? If you are about to take the SATs, it is probably a good thing. Studies show that types of music and SAT success go hand in hand. While not necessarily a cause of the increased scores, those who enjoy guitar music consistently score above the national average. In fact, next to those who prefer music from the classical genre, individuals who prefer rock and alt/indie music are some of the top performers on the SATs.

Increased creativity

No matter what instrument you prefer, regularly playing music can make you more creative. This is especially true for those who learn music early on in life. Increased creativity is a trait that can help in a wide range of situations throughout the life of an individual. Creativity is essential in being able to brainstorm new solutions to problems, and in being able to create new and amazing things.

Physical health benefits

A key ingredient to a long, successful life is a healthy body. Studies have found that guitar playing can boost your physical health. Individuals who play guitar can experience reduced physical pain, decreased stress levels, increased brain function, and a healthy cardiovascular system.

Can your love of guitar music make you a successful person?

The evidence makes a strong case for the link between success and listening to/playing the guitar. While there are many factors that ultimately contribute to achievement, playing the guitar, as well as enjoying the sounds of the guitar, have strong links to individual success in a number of areas. What’s the main message? Keep on enjoying and playing your favorite guitar music, knowing that it could help lead you to your happiest and healthiest life.

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4 Responses to Here is an interesting article about being a musician by my friend Sally …

  1. EIWOB-NAMI says:

    Gerry…I began piano at 7, then played flute and oboe, and also played the tenor sax. Do you believe I can teach myself the guitar even though I havent played in years? I think i have totally forgotten the notes in base cleft. But, playing the piano relieved my anxiety yet, i could never play infront of others.

    • Absolutely! Treble clef for guitar too !!

      • eeieiwobnami says:

        I didn’t play many chords on the piano hence, i think I’ll have a hard time with the guitar. I have looked at some sheet music of David Bowie’s and in G then it reads something like Db m2 …something to that effect, and I’m thinking omg, this is going to be crazy hard. Thanks for your reply and I love Slicky’s playing, but I watched you on Heathen (Rays)…outstanding!!! Your excellent!! Hope I get to hear your playing again

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