Spooky Ghost “Viral Times”- Musical Reflections

Hi All

Want to invite you all to listen to the new Spooky Ghost Music “Viral Times”

It is guitar based compositions to soothe out souls in these turbulent times

Here are some recent reviews:

Really love how the music takes me off the planet but then also I can’t help but feel like the words Clarity, Perspective and Understanding come to my mind when listening to these tracks. Your music breaks through the clutter. These Sonic Gifts.

– Richard (Austrailia)

Viral Times Vol. 1 is a very welcomed return, for the Spooky Ghost project, a project that clearly allows an artist of the caliber of Gerry Leonard to unleash an alternative, seductive and almost spiritual side of his personal musical vision. If difficult times like the ones we are living right now are also bringing, on a more positive side, record releases of this quality, the future of music will be never in doubt.

– Bluebird Reviews : https://bluebirdreviews.com/reviews/5-album-reviews/967-spooky-ghost-viral-times-vol-1-ep.

Here are the links to the music :



About Gerry Leonard

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