The Day “The Next Day” Arrived Today

You know you are working in a great organization when, on the long awaited release date for the new David Bowie album, you go to your front door and lo and behold, a Fedexed copy of the new record personally signed by David is waiting there for you !

( so that is what that white square box is really for …)

I gotta say this was a proud and happy moment for Spookyghost.

Up until then, I was squeaking a listen off the iTunes stream, in between dropouts of WiFi on our Suzanne Vega tour bus as we trekked across the plains of the USA.

Now I can crank it up and just enjoy it.

And they say Christmas comes but once a year …can’t really see David in the red suit and the beard , but still his elves left me a great gift !

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4 Responses to The Day “The Next Day” Arrived Today

  1. Wow. I think I might just be a little jealous!

  2. kevin o'boyle says:

    gerry i worked with you back in the 80’s with donal when you were hinterland…we were a similar type of band and we both had an emax sampler…well my band went in a different direction so i ended up as a wheelchair technician and couldn’t believe it one day i got called out to repair a chair for donal…he is still a header and we have a good laugh whenever i see him
    good to see you doing so well .all the best …kevin o’boyle(alpha squared)

  3. gabulmer says:

    Great job on the album’s guitar, Gerry (especially the title track, an instant fave!) – I’m quite pleased with #TheNextDay. Rock on!

  4. Almost Human? Can you share what it means? DB wrote ‘Main Line’ on Earl Slick’s. cheers

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