Spooky Ghost Live Show RW3 NYC – Live Recordings

So …

Here it is for all of you Spooky Ghost-hunters that could not make it to the show in New York this month…

We had a great night, a pretty full house and a general good vibe and a few laughs.

I tried to play some of the new material, including a new one for the first time off “Viral Times Vol 3” – VT 48 (Air Chords) – My friend Duncan Sheik who came told me I was really good on Air Guitar …

I also tried out a new arrangement of a Bert Jansch / David Bowie mash-up on one of Bert Jansch’s Yamaha Acoustic Guitars which came my way. I explain all on the show. Oh, and I played one of the Nick Drake songs from the Pink Moon show just to balance it out.

Hope you can find time to make a cup of tea and have a listen thru.

I have included some single tracks also for those of us in a hurry below. But you are missing all the jokes …

Best Ghost

Spooky Ghost Live RW3 NYC Full Show

Spooky Ghost Live RW3 NYC Full Show

Oh and if you are interested in supporting the Viral Times Vinyl Project you can buy/donate here …

Viral Times Vol 3

Paypal me $10 and I will Email you MP3’s and artwork for Viral Times Volume 3 Please allow 24 hours for delivery. Thanks !


Here as promised for you Jet Pack Setters – are the single takes …

Fly Angel Fly

Fly Angel Fly

VT 48 Air Chords

VT 48 Air Chords

VT 15

VT 15

Start Again

Start Again

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