Bert Jansch – David Bowie Tribute “Angie Bowie”

I was so pleased to be asked to contribute to a project started by the Bert Jansch Foundation.

The foundation had the idea to send two of Bert’s Yamaha guitars around the world and have guitar players contribute to celebrating Bert’s contribution as a guitar player and artist.

Here is a link to the youtube and the introduction will explain all

For Around the World in 80 Plays, David Bowie’s musical director (2003-2010) plays a mash-up of one of Bert’s most enduring arrangements, Davy Graham’s Angie, and one of Bowie’s greatest hits.

Musicians around the globe are saluting Bert Jansch, the legendary guitarist and singer song-writer who would have turned 75 in November 2018. The Bert Jansch Foundation is sending a special guitar, the Yamaha TransAcoustic – the latest incarnation of Bert’s favoured L series – across continents from artist to artist, enabling musicians to connect with his timeless music and enduring legacy. See who is taking the guitar on the next stage of its journey at https://80plays.bertjanschfoundation….

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